Tyrell Fortune details near-death weight cut ahead of Bellator 233

Tyrell Fortune a details near-death weight cut early in his competitive career ahead of his Bellator 233 bout on Friday.

Tyrell Fortune nearly died making weight and it has affected his entire career. The Bellator heavyweight details the scary weight cut just out of college which saw him rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. In the audio below you can hear Fortune, speaking to FanSided’s Amy Kaplan this week, telling the frightening story which has shaped his career ever since.

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Fortune says that this experience has caused him to be hesitant towards helping his teammates make drastic weight cuts and cites a time he most recently turned down helping his roommate, Kyle Stewart cut weight for his UFC bout.

“His very first fight when he got called up to the UFC,” Fortune said. “He had a six-day or seven-day notice for the Brooklyn fight and he had to cut 30 pounds in six days. And the first thing he did is he came to me and he asked me to help him. And I said no, I refused to. And he got really upset with me and we got in a really big fight. I said ‘dude I did that and died. I died doing exactly what you’re asking me to do. I died I’m not, there’s no way I can accept it or there’s no way I can help you or try to assist you killing yourself. I’m not gonna be involved. I’m telling you right now, do not make weight. And I know this is your first opportunity but I’m telling you right now … don’t make weight.”

Fortune faces Zu Anyanwu on the main card of Bellator 233 which takes place on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, live from the WinStar Resort and Casino in Thackerville, OK. Follow along with FanSided MMA for all your live results and highlights.

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