Top 500 UFC Moments – UFC

Over training caught up to Richie Smullen before his fight with Allan Zuniga when discomfort turned to cramps, cramps turned to severe pain, severe pain turned to a trip to the hospital where he was told his muscles were deteriorating. As bizarre as the incident was, it was the reaction of opponent, Allan Zuniga, that made the situation more confusing when he was received a free pass to the next round and was so upset, he was crying. When he told Dana White he needed to fight so he could earn the knockout bonus, Dana awarded him the bonus only to have Zuniga continue to cry about not competing.
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447. Buffer’s 360 – UFC 100: After a bit of prodding from Joe Rogan Bruce Buffer gave the fans a treat they didn’t know they needed during Brock Lesnar’s introduction at UFC 100, the Buffer 360.
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446. TUF Live Debuts – TUF 15: TUF got creative yet again for the 15th season when it was announced fights would now be filmed live.
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445. TUF returns – 2005: Expectations were high, and The Ultimate Fighter was back on Spike with coaches Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin with Melvin Guillard, Keith Jardine, Rashad Evans, Joe Stevenson and more as the prospective fighters.
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444. Debut of Frank Mir – UFC 34: One of the first ground-centric big men in UFC history stepped into the Octagon at UFC 34 against Roberto Traven and sealing the win with an armbar finish.
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443. Stay in your place, Terrell – UFC 51: David Terrell came to the UFC with higher expectations than Sage Northcutt and when he met Evan Tanner, it took less than a round for reality to hit him.
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442. Dana White’s Stitch Duran rant – 2015: After Stitch Duran was released as a UFC cut man there were a few words about Dana White not valuing their friendship. White took some time to make it abundantly clear there was no friendship to begin with.

441. Cro Cop is coming! – UFC 66: Dana White announced one of the biggest signings to date for the UFC mid-broadcast. Mirko Cro Cop would make his UFC debut at UFC 67.
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440. Miletich wins first 170 pound title – UFC 16: With the visions of the loaded pistol in his sock drawer, Iowa’s Pat Miletich won the first 170 pound title, then known as the lightweight title, at UFC 16’s Lightweight tournament.
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439. Amanda Nunes’ debut – UFC 163: Before The Lioness was the KO machine on a 9-fight winning streak with seven finishes, she was a 7-3 up-and-comer taking on Sheila Gaff in the UFC 163 prelims. Looking back, the first round stoppage almost seems to have been a premonition.
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