01 Jun, 2020

Tito Ortiz believes old-school beef with Chuck Liddell is squashed

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Tito Ortiz believes he no longer has bad blood with his biggest rival.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Ortiz (20-12-1), was involved in one of the biggest rivalries in the sport’s history with another former 205-pound champ, Chuck Liddell. The former friends turned enemies engaged in three battles, with Liddell emerging victorious in two of them, and Ortiz getting his revenge over 10 years later.

Their second battle, at UFC 66, proved to be a pivotal moment in the organization, as they cracked over 1 million pay-per-view buys for the first time in MMA history. The rivalry was real, but after ESPN’s “30 for 30: Chuck & Tito” aired on Oct. 15, highlighting his feud with Liddell, Ortiz can finally say the beef is squashed.

But Ortiz believes UFC president Dana White had a little bit to do with why the story wasn’t fully portrayed the way he thought it should be.

“I think our old-school beef is settled, and I think the ’30 for 30′ showed that because Chuck was able to say the truth,” Liddell told MMA Junkie. “A lot of it got cut out of the ’30 for 30.’ They had 19 edits. Dana gave Chuck a call saying, ‘What the hell did you do? Why this?’ and they actually had the right to go in and kind of alter what the story truly was, but it made me happy because there were so many people behind the camera who told the truth, and it’s everything I’ve always been saying.

“A lot of fans don’t know that, but it made me happy because the truth was told and the truth was said, and I got first-hand of it from people who were on the film, itself.”

To hear more from Ortiz, check out the video above.

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