Midnight Mania! Woodley: Covington ‘A Complete Dumbass’ Who Talks Himself Out Of Title Fights

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I don’t know if the Welterweight division has been made great again, but those damned 170-pounders keep making headlines. It’s quite possibly the hottest division right now, with an abundance of potential title challengers all at each other’s throats. At the heart of it, of course, is the controversial Colby Covington, who routinely does everything possible to irk everyone.

In a fan Q&A, former Welterweight champ Tyron Woodley took the opportunity to take a dig at Covington and his inability to make a title shot materialize (transcription via MMAFighting):

“Colby does a good job of putting his own foot in his mouth. I know people say that about me, but he’s a complete dumbass. He’s talked himself out of three world title fights. He was supposed to fight me before I fought Till, he bitched out of that fight. He was supposed to fight me before I fought Usman, he bitched out of that fight. You guys can do the math as to what he did with the Usman fight. My goal is to get my belt back, so obviously (current welterweight champion) (Kamaru) Usman is going to be my top priority. If Colby want to get that ass whupped, he can get whupped up too.”

To give “Chaos” a bit of credit, he’s in a difficult situation. UFC does its best to pressure contenders into accepting whatever offer is given while paying as little as possible. The line between throwing away opportunities and earning what a fighter is worth is paper thin, and thus far, Covington has wound up on the wrong side of it numerous times now.

Contract drama aside, Covington vs. Usman is the fight to make. It’s one of the most high-level fights available, so hopefully it all works out.


Should making sandwiches out of slop replace making lemonade from lemons as the go-to food analogy?

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All class.


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Stacking the weight entirely on the spine is definitely the right move.

One more strange bit of lifting, because why not?

Midnight Music: I don’t have much to say about Angel Olsen or her latest single other than the simple fact that she’s amazing and it’s great. October quickly approaches, and with it, four of my most anticipated album releases of the year: music by Olsen, Swans, Danny Brown, and FKA Twigs. Prepare for my fangirling now, dear readers, because I will surely be overexcited.

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