Kron Gracie Owns The Pressure That His Name Brings – The Official Website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

 “This is a big fight no matter which way you put it,” Gracie said. “For both of us. Cub’s lost his last few fights, but they were all to very tough opponents so it’s not like he’s losing to people that no one knows. All the guys that he’s lost to were real big names so I don’t look at it the same way.”

Swanson’s recent skid and notoriety, combined with Gracie’s rise and name recognition, make this an ideal matchup for both fighters and for the fans.

“I also only have five fights. All my fights went really well so this fight makes a lot sense,” Gracie said. “We both have a big name and we both are going to make a big fight so I think this is going to be very good.”

While there is a significant experience gap between the two featherweights, Gracie isn’t looking at the numbers as disadvantages, but as valuable opportunities.

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